Taiwanese YouTubers operating Bilibili on their

Then she file a political report with the Illegal and Adverse Information Reporting Center of the Cyberspace Administration of China. As long as Taiwanese YouTubers operating it met the requirements of attacking the party and the For reasons such as national systems and major policies. undermining national unity and territorial integrity and damaging national image. honor and interests. the move videos can be successfully remove from the shelves. and the porters account can even be suspende. Sure enough. within four hours of completing the report. the porters account was blocke.

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removal behavior must not be tolerate. otherwise Italy Telegram Number Data the porter may impersonate the name of the original author. not only move the video. but may also make remarks that are irrelevant to him. with disastrous consequences. Although there are also infringement reports on the illegal and harmful information reporting center platform. in fact. the platform only handles the three categories of personal privacy leakage. insult and slander. and slander. Intellectual property rights and piracy infringements are not within the scope of acceptance. causing creators to The dilemma of being unable to report for many years.

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 What should you pay attention

to when authorizing video reprinting During the Nigeria Telegram Number interview. Hei Zaixiong mentione that currently there are still relatively few  own. but they will receive more or less cooperation contacts from Chinese internet celebrity marketing companies. such as authorizing video transfers or authorizing assistance in operating Bilibili accounts. After obtaining authorization. the internet celebrity marketing company may first review the video and eit prohibite clips. saving the creator the cost of spending time and energy managing Bilibili channels. Regarding this opportunity. lawyer Chen Jianyou said. This is a good opportunity. but you must start carefully.

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