Mumbachi remembere the anti-transportation method

shutterstock_2271806989 Photo Creit Shutterstock Dazhi Image How to deal with film piracy without taking legal measures YouTube creator Chaji release a video in 2020 to share tips on dealing with film thieves . All he nees to do is to inlay an inconspicuous insulting China watermark such as Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh into the video. and follow the method Mumbachi remembere the anti- of King Potter to send a message to China. The Cyberspace Administration of Chinas Illegal and Bad Information Reporting Center reporte anonymously and submitte screenshots with watermarks that insulte China.

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videos would be delete. By randomly inserting Israel Telegram Number Data watermarks with low transparency. the anti-theft effect can be achieve without affecting the viewing experience. Times have change. but removal and theft of films at Bilibili are still common. Is the method of forking chicken still effective The owner of the game guide channel Mumu87 recently reveale in the video I Sent the Movie Pirates to Labor Camp that even though his channels operation scale is not large. he is still targete by the movie thieves.

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produce was completely transporte. eite twice. and Mexico Telegram Number even the copywriting was plagiarize. What makes Mumbachi the most intolerable is that the film thief directly impersonate Mumbachis identity and use the video to submit to the Genshin Impact UP Master Incentive Program to obtain game rewards. Therefore. Mumbaqi decide not to settle the matter quietly. If there are extraordinary problems. extraordinary measures must be use. provide by Chaji and embee a watermark that insulte China in the video

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