The reason why video creators sold their brains to enter

 It even teaches you how to perform secondary eiting or secondary creation without breaking the rules. As long as the traffic is successfully transporte and traffic is accumulate smoothly. the porter can open the creative incentive plan and receive profit sharing from Station B. For original authors. not only their copyrights are infringe. but their own economic The reason why video creators sold benefits are also damage. Bilibili was because they were unwilling to have their videos remove. Since it was not clear at the beginning how to remove the move videos through the platforms internal supervision mechanism. Maimao had no choice but to send a private message to the porter and request the removal of the video on the grounds of infringement.

Although the video was

successfully remove from the shelves. the transfer Indonesia Telegram Number Data phenomenon still did not stop. so Maimao decide to adopt a dual-platform strategy and upload the video to YouTube and Bilibili simultaneously. Video creator Hei Zai Xiong believes that there is no way to prevent the video from being move. Even if the porter sets up Hei Zai Xiongs official removal channel. he can only helplessly let things happen. Hei Zaixiong said that he and his fellow video creators still rely on YouTube as their main source of revenue. so they dont care too much about transfer behavior.

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 What are the legal responsibilities

for unauthorize removal Both Taiwan and China Italy Telegram Number have Copyright Laws to protect the rights of authors. Taking Taiwans law as an example. authors who create works in the literary. scientific. artistic or other academic fields enjoy moral rights and property rights upon completion. . Generally speaking. the act of downloading YouTube videos and then uploading them to Bilibili involves the right of reproduction calle right of reproduction in Chinese law that is specifically protecte by the Copyright Law for copyright owners.

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