The salary of graduates with an online MBA increases by 32%

The market research consultancy Hamilton Global Intelligence. In collaboration with Emagister, has announced the results of the ninth edition of the Online Higher Education Ranking (FSO) in Spanish . The study evaluates 200 institutions from Spain, the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Peru and Argentina. The results are obtained through the analysis of 120 parameters and surveys directed at those responsible for educational center programs and more than 4,000 students and graduates, seeking to directly evaluate their level of satisfaction and employability. The motivation to aspire to a new job or a higher position remains the main reason for pursuing online higher education in the field of business administration and management, as stated by 9 out of 10 respondents. And, according to the results, these aspirations are met: 92.7% find a job in an average period of 5.2 weeks once they finish the master’s degree, with department director being the most common position.

Spanish institutions at the top of the ranking

Eighteen are the Spanish universities that have managed to place themselves among the 30 best centers that offer an online MBA in Spanish. In the top three, the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) stands out, leading the list, followed by the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) in second place and the OBS Business School in third. The rest of the B2B Email List Spanish centers that complete the ranking are ESIC Business Marketing School (4th), the European Postgraduate Institute (7th), the University of Nebrija (8th), La Salle the Real Madrid University School the International University of Valencia EUDE Business School (13th), the European University CEREM International Business School (18th), the Rey Juan Carlos University IMF Business School European Sport Business School (26th), ESDEN Business School .

A ranking supported by analysis with artificial intelligence tools

In a significant advance for the precision and breadth of its analysis, the FSO Ranking has incorporated artificial intelligence tools in its most recent edition. This integration seeks to perfect data analysis and provide more accurate indicators, reflecting the B2B Sale Lead growing use of this technology in the evaluated institutions.The implementation of neural networks has allowed advanced integration of data from various sources, such as institutional questionnaires, student responses, and internet data. In addition, Natural Language Processing (NLP) has been used to analyze opinions and comments, transforming qualitative insights into quantifiable data. This approach significantly improves reputation, transparency and social outreach indicators, also thanks to meticulous validation and corroboration of data with various sources.

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