Can Bilibili afford creators Review of station Bs update

 Since Selling Brains is base on cross-strait cultural exchanges as its main theme. they notice that the title culture between YouTube and Bilibili was different. Selling Brains said that YouTube viewers are more likely to be attracte by sensational titles. When Can Bilibili afford creators Review uploading videos on Station B. if you put the word Taiwan in the title. you can usually get higher traffic. such as Taiwanese people watch Chongqing or Taiwan People eat mainland food and other forms. Brain-selling observation. this is because some Chinese netizens are full of curiosity about Taiwan. whether it is the cultural differences between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. or the thoughts of Taiwanese people.

Therefore when Selinao

uploads the video to Station B. it will specially Cambodia Telegram Number Data change the title to match the preferences of the users of Station B and pursue better traffic.  trend For Bilibili UP owners. there are two main ways to make money. One is to obtain platform profits through Bilibilis Creator Incentive Plan . and the second is to earn through industry matching. which is commonly known as Qiafan in China. Earn advertising fees. In January 2018. Station B launche the Creation Incentive Program.

Telegram Number Data

 UP owners who have accumulate

a certain number of works and popularity can China Telegram Number apply to join. and click on the number of views. one-click three-in-one likes. coins. collections and other interactive data Calculate the benefits. In April 2023. due to the reuction in the amount of incentives obtaine from Station B. many UP owners announce that they would stop updating. According to the analysis of the Chinese meia 21st Century Business Herald . the reason why Station B fell into the wave of suspension of updates was mainly due to the increase in operating costs and the expansion of losses at Station B.

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