Chen Jianyou said helplessly that when the platforms

 All in all. as long as it is within the scope of fair use and is not reproduce or adapte by the author. it will not constitute copyright infringement. How do creators defend their copyrights. Lawyer Chen Jianyou told the. Critical Comment. Network that there are basically. Chen Jianyou said helplessly that two solutions to Taiwanese creators videos being move to. Chinese platforms without authorization. One is to complain to the online platform. and the other is to take legal channels to file a lawsuit in Taiwan or in China. China file suit.

As far as the current supervision

mechanism of Site B is concerne. if a user discovers Iraq Telegram Number Data that there are transferre videos on Site B. according to the reporting regulations of Site B. the appeal process must fill in the identity certificate and certificate number of the Peoples Republic of China. and only after completing the Qualification Verification can further steps be taken. Submit the cause of infringement and complete the report. If we want to use judicial means to solve the infringement issue. lawyer Chen Jianyou said that if we have to go across the sea to China to file a lawsuit. it will not only delay the solution. but also be very ineffective.

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 However if you file a lawsuit in

Taiwan. once you win the case. you can uphold the Kenya Telegram Number court decision and apply to the Taiwan Network Information Center TWNIC. a consortium under the Ministry of Digital Development of the Executive Yuan. to stop resolution DNS RPZ . so that Taiwanese users cannot Connect to foreign criminal websites. Although this mechanism cannot directly close websites locate abroad. it can stop resolving specific domain names so that Taiwanese users cannot connect to the target IP. Although creators can try to solve the infringement problem with the above two methods. lawyer  appeal is invalid and the judicial process is inactive and time-consuming. unless there are huge commercial interests involve like the film company. it will not be possible to Generally speaking. for small and meium-size creators. almost no one will actually file a complaint. leaving this issue mostly undiscusse.

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