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 increase. Even after the UP masters stoppe updating. the number of UP masters with more than 10.000 fans on station B still increase by 36 compare with the same period in 2022. The average monthly number of submissions for video creation at Station B in the third quarter of 2023 was approximately 21.3 million. which was an increase from the second quarter when updates were suspende. but was still less than the number of submissions in the first quarter. Does YouTube How much money can Bilibili get more profit sharing than  Bilibili Once the UP owner meets the conditions and joins the Creator Incentive Program. he can receive the platform profit every month.

The UP owner can withdraw

cash through the Shell Account of Station B. 1 Shell Telegram Number Database Coin is equal to 1 RMB. The biggest difference between YouTube and Bilibilis creator profit sharing mechanism is that YouTube will distribute 55 of the net advertising revenue to creators. However. since Bilibili does not have TrueView in-stream advertising. that is. Bilibili will Website users will not be force to jump out of ads during the early. middle and late stages of video playback. Therefore. the income creators get from Bilibili is usually much less than YouTube.

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GettyImages-1496939369 Photo Creit GettyImages Base Ethiopia Telegram Number on the current viewing data of the Brain Selling Channel. they pointe out that YouTubes profit sharing is approximately 1 US dollar per 1.000 views. while Station Bs profit sharing is approximately 1 RMB per 1.000 views. Hei Zai Xiong said. In terms of income. I think it is very low. As of November 2023. Hei Zai Xiongs Bilibili channel had accumulate 939.000 views and 35.000 likes. but only earne a total of 748.08 yuan approximately NT 3300 yuan.

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