They went to Peking University as an exchange student

 Why did YouTubers cross over to Bilibili and become UP masters As early as 2012. Hei Zaixiong opene a YouTube channel to upload live gaming videos. After They went to Peking University as that. he successively create videos on hardware equipment. 3C knowlege. travel life. etc.. and also co-produce Vlogs with other YouTubers. Heizixiong currently has 87.000 subscribers on YouTube. and has accumulate 14.000 fans since entering Bilibili in 2016. As the number of Hei Zai Xiongs films has increase. the number of viewers has also increase. thus attracting more or less Chinese fans.

Hei Zaixiong said that some

Chinese netizens once told him that they would go Belgium Telegram Number Data over the wall to watch his videos. However. due to the stability of VPN. sometimes Chinese netizens will leave comments below the video. Today the VPN is unstable and it is difficult to bypass the wall. Please sign in and watch next time. In order to make it easier for fans to watch. Hei Zai Xiong decide to open a B website account. so that Chinese fans dont have to go through the wall to go to YouTube.

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 Selling Brains is compose of

two graduates of Yangming Jiaotong University.  during Brazil Telegram Number their college years. In order to share their exchange life and record their travel experience. they create a YouTube channel. Selling Brain currently has 38.000 subscribers on YouTube and 13.000 fans on Station B. The opportunity for Selling Brain to enter Bilibili was because his own videos were constantly being remove. and he angrily decide to create a Bilibili channel. Selling Brain believes that operating Bilibili and YouTube at the same time will not take too much effort.

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