The Chinese term submit is probably also

However. compare with other similar logical words. this word has one more reason for the Chinese Communist Partys word creators to want to do The Chinese term submit is this. Just like the verb Play is often translate as play in todays games. in fact. the word submit really only means commitment. But I have seen a start game button with only the word play written on it on a simple to put it harshly. rough game website before.

The feeling was really

weird. Its like making a typo or missing a word. As Brazil Mobile Number List long as you see a button. command or link with only one word on it. you will feel that something is wrong. even though the original Chinese usage really only requires one word. In fact. this is not a trend that has only occurre in recent years. nor is it limite to the field of computer systems or games.

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When I was a child

the school issue notices that require a return slip. and Italy Phone Number the instructions on it often said submit. When public agencies wante to formulate a set of standards or norms. they often talke about setting standards. In other words. starting decades ago. we have already had the habit of trying to use two characters as the smallest unit of words.  the product of forcibly combining two words like this.

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