Chinese characters into traditional Chinese

Therefore. the word transducer itself emphasizes the meaning of transmission and conversion. Perhaps this is why the word transducer is include in the Chinese characters into simplifie and Chinese version of the word. Interestingly. in Japanese. in addition to being spelle in English with katakana. the sensor can also be calle a detector the author has change the Japanese . which also ignores the meaning of transmission and conversion.

And only focus on the

concept of detection. Although in the limite writing time Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List today. the author cannot conduct too detaile verification. there is a possibility that Taiwan is greatly influence by Japan in the terminology of modern science and technology the book should also introduce several aspects in the future. . so in fact many of these new things will be modifie from Japanese words. or have similar concepts and scope of application to them of course. there are also examples of complete direct copying.

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China does not have

such factors. and the sources that affect its language Lebanon Phone Number development and the creation of new words are also different. so the logical context of the final words will also be different. In addition. the Chinese Communist Party likes to merge similar concepts to reuce the total number of words. and it becomes a sensor. By the way. sensor is calle a sensor in Taiwan and a sensor in mainland China transducer is calle a converter in Taiwan in fact. unless the original word transducer is encountere during translation. this word is rarely use.

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