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If the words of the program family all enter a language in a short period of time. and the people who use this language nee to have a new Chinese language we word immeiately unlike engineers in Taiwan who often use the original text for a long time. there is really no way only innovative Chinese words. then the people who formulate the translation method will have more motivation to use a translation method that is simplifie. unifie. and easy to invent new relate words. and this also shapes the simplifie  technologies.

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The differences between the translation methods South Korea Mobile Number Database of Programming and its relate words on both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to Category B Chinese terms. Although there are historical factors in the development of these words. the author has not yet graspe any signs of political influence from the Chinese Communist Party. Friday. February . |Payment and Submission I have been translating a game opinion survey for the past two days. so of course I will be face with the word submit.

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This word refers to the

action of handing in a form after filling it out. In Iran Phone Number Taiwan. we translate this word in many ways. including hand over. hand over. put forward from Japanese usage. etc. in Simplifie Chinese. the word submit is uniformly translate as submit . Yes. this is also a method of combining submission and delivery. which is a very typical Simplifie Chinese wordmaking logic.

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