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Unlike the previous words such as report that merge two different meanings. submit and hand over both have the same meaning.  distinguish them. Having They have different meanings said that. the fact that it belongs to Category B Chinese terminology has not change. Saturday. February . Sensors and Sensors Today when I was translating a book. I saw the word sensor.

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sensor of the urinal. the photoelectric pole of the elevator Mexico Mobile Number Database door. radar. the lidar use in selfdriving cars actually. it is a radar in the visible light band. or even micro switches. many things are considere sensor. Nowadays. technology is so advance that we actually have many sensors in our daily lives. from the cars reversing radar. the sensor of the photosensitive headlight. the front lens of the smartphone use to detect the brightness of the environment to adjust the screen brightness. Microphones sensors use when calling the voice assistant. accelerometersgyros. etc.

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on the other side. probably because there is a word Latvia Phone Number transducer that is similar to sensor. Transducer comes from the verb transduce. According to the definition of MerriamWebster dictionary. transduce is to convert something. such as energy or a message into another form. that is. to convert something. such as energy or a message. into another form. a form. For example. an antenna converts electrical current into radio waves and is considere a transducer.

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