AfricanAmerican festival to replace the Christian

There are many cases like this. When the sound of SSh is use in a persons name. the Mandarin Chinese of the Republic of China usually translates it AfricanAmerican festival to as Shi the author has read other peoples papers and mentione that Chinese surnames are use to translate the initials of foreigners names in Traditional Chinese. tendency. while the Chinese Communist Party must be translate as Si. But what the author encountere today was a more troublesome case.

What the author encountere

today was Kwanzaa. a festival unique to African Sweden Phone Number Data Americans. This festival is held from December th to January st of the following year. It aims to imitate the traditional harvest celebrations in West Africa and South Africa and establish anĀ  Christmas. Of course. in the Chinese translation of this festival. the most commonly use usage is Kwanzaa. which is the tie next to the handle commonly use in Simplifie Chinese.

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Although a few Taiwanese

websites have change to Kwanzaa with wooden Taiwan Phone Number characters on the ege. my head hurt even more when I discovere that the American Institute in Taiwan AIT also use Kwanzaa on its website. First of all. the American Institute in Taiwan essentially functions as the U.S. Embassy in the Republic of China. It has a considerable degree of authority in introducing American culture to Taiwanese.

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