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The Internet and advertising industries are paying more and more attention to privacy. and are also aware of the dangers of user information being As one of the players who controlle by a few international Internet giants.  of contact with users. the meia naturally cannot stay away from the matter. said Marketing Manager Wang Mingyue. general manager of Jidasi Intelligent Technology. said. The meia must face technological development with a more positive attitude and respond to readers expectations.

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but also in terms of overall usage behavior. The USA Mobile Number Database cooperation with The Trade Desk. This is an important step in our overall customer relationship development plan. Chief Content Officer and CoFounder Yang Shifan said From the perspective of the eitorial team. we are very happy to be able to provide more diverse and rich content while considering readers privacy. In addition to the fact that we starte to provide a paid subscription service without ads a while ago.

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In addition. the privacy

of Internet users has receive great attention in the past Africa Phone Number few years. We understand that many readers are accustome to readingusing free content. and by supporting Unifie ID .. we believe that we can achieve privacy and efficient advertising. Striking a balance will also benefit readers. advertisers and meia. Douglas Choy. senior director of meia partnerships for North Asia at The Trade Desk. said We are delighte to have Key Comment Network Meia Group join the Unifie ID .

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