Because it adopts the concept of an open network

million. Key Comment Network Meia Group believes that joining an international alliance can more effectively promote meia and revenue. and create a Because it adopts the concept winwin relationship between advertisers. meia. and readers. Zhong Ziwei. CEO and cofounder of Key Comment Network Meia Group. said As Taiwans digital native meia. Key Comment Network Meia Group continues to provide highquality content that readers love and avoid too many irrelevant advertisements. creating meia. advertising A winwinwin between owners and readers. we think Unifie ID .

is a solution worth importing

Unifie ID . is a new architecture designe for the next Poland Phone Number Data generation network environment. In the Unifie ID . architecture. users can obtain encrypte unique identification. It can be said to be the common currency for future users to travel and exchange information on the Internet.. in addition to digital advertising. there are more application possibilities. creating a more open and safer network environment.

Phone Number Data

In the digital advertising usage

scenario. the meia reaches an agreement with the Vietnam Phone Number  user. After the user. Authorizes it. other service providers will. Be able to obtain the authorize. Data through the Unifie ID . standard. At the same time. all data. Transmission during the process is change to encrypte password transmission. further reucing the possibility of sensitive data being stolen. It is widely use in Targeting AD and Retargeting AD. and can protect users privacy better than the current mechanism. while also giving users more consent rights.

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