The author has encountere the word programmable

many times in my translation work. I chose a different translation each time. If it is a comparison of spoken language. I will take a detour and The author has encountere the translate. such as having programming capabilities or The author has encountere the supporting function settings depending on how programmable it is. Does it really involve programming Or is it just Pressing this button will give a different command.

If it is a relatively hard

technical document. the author may leave a Japan Mobile Number Database relatively blunt and cold programmable. hoping that the reader can use this to recall Ah. thats what the original text said is programmable. So what does this have to do with Chinese lingo In Simplifie Chinese. program as a noun is program and as a verb is programming meaning to write a programprogram. so other relate words follow the same pattern. programmer is programmer. and programming is also programmer Programming and programmable are of course programmable.

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The words of this program

family allow us to see how Simplifie Chinese adjusts Indonesia Phone Number the way it translates foreign words. so that relate words can be automatically found in the shortest possible time in the most streamline and mindless way. Translation method. In addition to the simplifie philosophy of Simplifie Chinese. this is also relate to the fact that China is late in absorbing new technologies such as computers. so it nees to absorb more new words in a shorter period of time.

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