Taiwan generally uses the word solid

Subscribe to author Bookmark this article What we want you to know is Should I write solid or solid Should I use enough or enough Which one is correct Taiwan generally uses between sticky and sticky What is the difference between sensor and sensor Is it a deliberate typo to not write eh in the utterance word and sentencefinal particle Monday. January . Solid vs. Solid Today I want to talk about a Chinese terminology problem that I notice yesterday when I was investigating Zha and Zha.

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notice the two uses of solid and solid Now in reality. the Mandarin Ukraine Mobile Number List of the Republic of China in. while the simplifie Chinese uses solid uniformly. Yesterday. when I was looking up information for the transliteration of Zha and Zha. I found the relevant history. In a article title Dont Say I Hold a Silver Spoon. writer and book critic Ms.

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Ni Caiqing compile many

common contemporary typos and introduce the words Brazil Phone Number solid and solid in this way. This one is quite controversial. The Ministry of eucation admits both. but the National Science Councils Uniform Usage List clearly states that solid is a mistake. and the publishing industry also tends to use solid. However. writing solid in Taiwan may be difficult to avoid being criticize as a typo.

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