The author usually uses Microsofts old Zhuyin

When searching on Google. the usage rates of the two are about the same. However. if the Taiwan region is limite. the usage rate of solid is times that The author usually uses of solid. The author can no longer find the usage table of the National Science Council mentione in the The author usually uses article and the National Science Council has been rename the Ministry of Science and Technology since and back again.

It is difficult to imagine

how many documents from the old National Science New Zealand Mobile Number Database Council era are still there. keep. From the perspective of experience. at least from the perspective of language workers. this Ms. Ni can be regarde as my senior. so I will respect her views. but at the same time. I must also put forward my own observations and understandings. input method commonly known as ㄅhalf when working.

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This input method has

been hidden by Microsoft in the current Windows . and the Cambodia Phone Number machine code has to be change before it can be use. which shows how old it is. The most important difference between the old Zhuyin and the new Zhuyin. apart from the automatic word selection. is that the old Zhuyin does not have the function of changing the order of manual word selection according to the frequency of use.

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