Taiwanese Traditional Chinese stick stick

The author has not looke into the evolutionary history of stick and stick in detail. but apparently by the s when Microsofts old phonetic notation Taiwanese Traditional Chinese came aiwanese Traditional Chinese around. the usage of these two words was already the same as in modern paste can also be use But the pronunciation remains the same. Zhanni pronounce asĀ  and the sticky of the surname is also pronounce as

In fact if you want to

use Microsofts . Old phonetic notation to input Indonesia Mobile Number Database and get the word stick. you have to go back three full pages when selecting characters. and put it in the penultimate position of the list. together with a bunch of simplifie characters. It can be found only in the right place. and the relate word candidates after inputting are the same as the input to get sticky or sticky.

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Clay sticky. sticky

occupy the top three places. and sticky Regardless Hong Kong Phone Number of the ranking order or relate word candidates. it all proves that the usage rate of sticky was much higher than that of sticky in the s. In other words. modern simplifie Chinese pronounces paste as. which is consistent with the usage of the Mandarin Daily News in that is. consistent with the Mandarin of the Republic of China in the s.

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