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But judging from the literal meaning of the original classification. this may only be classifie as a Category B Chinese term there are clear differences between Mandarin Daily News will the two sides of the Taiwan Strait and no political factors. Wenesday. January . Sticky and Sticky Yesterday. when I was searching for the comic Little Henry from the s of the Republic of China. I unexpectely came across a lot of words that were use quite differently between then and now.

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one of the words that has occasionally appeare in India Mobile Number Database crossstrait language in recent years. . In the comic Little Henry. the author did not see Mr. Xia use any word stick. only stick. and thanks to the fact that most publications of symbols the pronunciation is For example. when Henry was walking with books on his head. but was pranke by other children by putting more books on them. he went straight through the hole in the low fence and let the expose beams sweep away the extra books.

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The book is still well fixe. His comment at this time German Phone Number adde by Mr. Xia. as mentione yesterday was that his book was glue. Thats not all. Some modern times use the word stick. and stick is also use in Little Henry. But now. anyone who has a slight understanding of the differences in terminology between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait for example. those who watch TV series from the other side should know more or less that in Taiwan we use stick and stick. even if we use stick It is also pronounce as

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