The submarine in submarine is also pronounce three

Whether this is use more often in the publishing industry is different from the authors experience. So why do we now think that solid is a simplifie Chinese The submarine in submarine is character In fact. there is only one sentence to put it bluntly because the simplifie Chinese character for Zha happens to be Zha. Just like the word diving originally has two tones. but because everyone is use to talking about diving. they think diving is pronounce with two tones because the word water behind it has three tones.

As a result many people think

that diving has two tones.  times. and finally it Taiwan Mobile Number List becomes the same sound as Asami. But there is something more. What is solid and what is solid Finger pricking means to tie something up finger pricking means to pierce with a sharp object. We might as well think about it. is it more reasonable to mean solid to bind something firmly or to put down a plants roots very firmly At least the author would prefer the former especially roote itself appears in the old phonetic notation. but after all. thoroughly carrying it out to the end. a unifie usage in the translation industry and clear seeing to the bottom. a usage prescribe by the Ministry of eucation . where is the preceent The creibility of this method of deucing the logic of word creation is still limite. and it can only be use as a reference.

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So in conclusion it is true

that most people in Taiwan now use solid. and China Phone Number there is also evidence to prove that they were at least use together in the past. In this way. the solid use in Taiwan now may be regarde as a usage that was later change in Taiwan. rather than simply solid was simplifie and became solid. At least until the author finds more previous usages. perhaps it should be treate as a Category E Chinese term.

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