Nowadays writing solid should definitely be

Therefore. like the author. I have to type thousands of words every day and the order of commonly use words. People who have memorize it long ago dont Nowadays writing solid have to worry about choosing the wrong word. They can just enter it according to the fingering method they remember. And it is this order of word selection that has remaine unchange for centuries that provides clues to solid and solid.

In the old phonetic input

method. inputting za or za will also prompt real Hong Kong Mobile Number Database among relate word candidates. This old phonetic notation input method was establishe very early. as can be seen from the fact that when inputting xie. it will be followe by 东闵. Mr. Xie Dongmin was a political figure in the Cold War era. He fade out of the political circle in and die in .

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Therefore it is obvious that

the old phonetic input method was not finalize much Canada Phone Number later than . During the same period. the Chinese language use in Taiwan was It is already a state where solid and solid at least coexist. So is it actually true that the publishing industry often uses solid words. but writing this way in Taiwan may be difficult to be accuse of typos  considere as writing in simplifie Chinese.

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