There should be no problem with this conclusion

Even if the author says violently. What Mr. Xia said is Mandarin. it is not necessarily too much. The original comics of the Little Henry series have There should be no problem no text explanations under the comic strips. The explanations and lines I saw in Taiwan were all adde by Mr. Xia. so he is not entirely a translator in this book. . But no matter what. the Chinese usage in this comic is enough to represent the Mandarin of the Republic of China at the time when it was written.

The book in my hand

was printe around . but the last date attache to the Malaysia Mobile Number Database Preface written by Mr. Xia in the book is . Obviously. the usage of Mandarin in the book represents the actual situation of Mandarin in Taiwan around the s. Here comes the key point in the Little Henry comics. I can only find enough so far in my memory. Naughty Adam. also publishe by Mandarin Daily also translate by Mr.

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Xia Chengying. has enough

actual book I cant find it at the time of writing. so France Phone Number I cant find the year Adan was translate. In any case. the same translator use both words in two different books. but today Taiwan almost only uses enough and China only uses enough. When the author wrote his preface . the five categories of classification Chinese terms from Category A to Category E he propose did not include situations where both sides of the Taiwan Strait deviate from the original usage.

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