Trade Desks first phase partners in Taiwan

develope by The Trade Desk. Become one of The . The News Lens Meia Group. a Chinese and English independent meia and technology company Trade Desks first phase base in Taiwan. announce today th the introduction of a new generation of online identity recognition solution Unifie ID . develope by The Trade Desk. Become one of The Trade Desks first phase partners in Taiwan.

Unifie ID  is a new generation

of digital advertising technology promote in Thailand Phone Number Data response to the increasing awareness of user privacy protection. Unifie ID .. develope and marketteste by The Trade Desk. is base on user control. allowing meia and advertisers to obtain firstparty data in compliance with regulations. and then share firstparty data to achieve respect. User privacy and provide users with a better user experience.

Phone Number Data

This coincides with the

thinking of the Critical Comment Network Meia USA Phone Number Group. Key Comment Network Meia Group will gradually introduce the groups membership system in . with user privacy protection as the core. and a stronger authentication system to strengthen the identity security of members. aiming to develop more complete meia and readers base on this relation. On the basis that the average monthly MUV of six brands including Key Comment Network. INSIDE. Sports Vision. Coolc. everylittle. and Movie Search has reache .

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